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The Simple Way to Run Google Website Optimizer on Joomla!

Quickly and easily run even the most complex GWO experiments in seconds! Create your experiment on Google, mark your experiment by cutting and pasting simple tags and launch. You focus on designing the test, and leave the technical nitty gritty to Optimizer Pro PLUS for Joomla!

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  • A/B & Multivariate Experiments
  • Unlimited experiments & visitors
  • Automatically import Google scripts
  • Google Analytics integration (pro plus)
  • Multipage experiments (pro plus)
  • Advanced conversions (pro plus)
  • Fragmented sections (pro plus)
Optimizer Pro Plus :: Experiment List Screen

Experiment List Screen

Optimizer Pro Plus :: Create New Experiment Screen

Create New Experiment

Optimizer Pro Plus :: Edit A/B Experiment Screen

Edit A/B Experiment

Optimizer Pro Plus :: Edit Multivariate Experiment Screen

Edit Multivariate Experiment

Now Supporting Content Experiments

Google will be retiring Website Optimizer, effective August 1, 2012. As a partial replacement, Google is adding Content Experiments to Google Analytics.

The Optimizer extensions now support the new Analytics Content Experiments. We will continue to enhance and expand these products as Google makes features available to our development team.

What is Conversion Optimizer?

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Quickly test changes to your site against any goal (e.g., sales) and find out what works best. Think a new heading, call to action button, product image or sales copy might sell more? Don't worry about writing or customizing code. Focus on what you want to test, Conversion Optimizer Pro lets you quickly set up and manage even the most complex experiments.

We've simplified experiment setup and management. Automatically import Google's scripts, cut & paste a simple tag to identify the things you're testing, publish and wait for Google to calculate the results.

We offer two versions: Basic, to run a single, standard experiment, and the Advanced Pro to run multiple simultaneous experiments. Check out the comparison chart for more specifics.

Why Use Conversion Optimizer?

It is possible to run Google Analytics Content Experiments on Joomla! sites without Basewind's Optimizer Pro, so why use the Optimizer Pro? Bottom line, it's much easier to run even the most advanced experiments and your results will be more accurate.

Many people have come up with Joomla hacks to force Google Analytics Content experiments to run on Joomla! sites. None of these methods put Google's scripts in the document header where they belong. The result is that many of your bounces (visitors who quickly leave the page) won't get recorded, defeating the whole purpose of the test. That big issue aside, these approaches involve embedding script code within your content and modules. Remembering where all your codes are so you can remove them after the experiment is a mess. Try creating more complex, or custom experiments and you'll quickly appreciate why so many consulting firms and site owners use Optimizer Pro.

Conversion Optimizer Versions

Feature \ Version
Joomla! 2.5
Joomla! 3.x
Analytics Content Experiments
Multiple simultaneous experiments
Joomla Update Support
Priority E-Mail Support
Ongoing Development
Unlimited number of visitors & conversions
Cut & paste or modify scripts
URL Goals
Time-on-page Goals
Pages/Visit Goals
Analytics Event Goals
Easy to follow online documentation
Support Forum
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