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Click here for the CJ SID Documentation for Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5

Setup and Configuration

This is an easy one to set up and use! Here's how to get things rolling with the CJ SID Plugin for Joomla! 1.5:


ALWAYS TEST BEFORE PRODUCTION! We've taken the time to test this plugin, and have run it without problem on no less than six of our own production sites before even introducing it to the public. We've written the Plugin using best practice. Even still, using this Plugin can have a direct impact on your revenue, do not even consider using it on a production site until you've tested it. Even after you're comfortable it will work on your site, keep a close eye on CJ conversions, and make sure that including a sid value is not having a negative impact on reported converions.


  • Plugin Manager - (Extensions - Plugin Manager from the Admin Toolbar) [see image]
  • Filter: SID and click Go [see image]
  • Click the title, System - Commission Junction SID Plugin [see image]
  • Get your CJ PID from the CJ Account Manager, Web site Settings Tab. If you have multiple websites configured in CJ, make sure to select the site on which you're installing this plugin! This plugin currently supports only one PID per site. If you have some CJ links that you don't want a sid value added, you can create and use a second pid. The plugin will only add the sid to the CJ PID listed here. Need this plugin to support multiple PIDs? Send us a note and we'll put it on our list. [see image]
  • Add your CJ PID in the Plugin Parameters box on the right [see image]
  • Select the SID Value you'd prefer to use. The options available in this release are:
    • Username - The Username from the Joomla User Manager
    • Real Name - The Name field from the Joomla User Manager
    • User ID - The ID column in the Joomla User Manager
    • Title - The article title from the Joomla Article Manager
  • Set the Access Level - You may wish to have this enabled for all visitors (Public), if so, please be aware that Username, Real Name and User ID will all appear in the SID as 'guest' for any visitor who is not logged on. If you would rather not include a SID value for guest visitors, set the access level to Registered.

    Plugin Edit Mode
  • Enable the Plugin

    Plugin Edit Mode

For testing purposes, we suggest that you set the Access level to 'Special', then log on to your site as an Administrator and browse to pages with CJ links, inspect and click the links to make sure they're working and include the SID value.

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Glorious! Exactly what I was looking for, exactly when I needed it. Worked instantly and perfectly. Thanks so much!

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