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Basewind's Amazon Omakase Plugin for Joomla! provides a simple way to advertise Amazon products on your Joomla Site, based on your content. By popular request, this version includes "Advanced" Omakase options, so you can specify keywords to include or exclude, as well as priority product categories.

If you're not familiar with Omakase, it's Amazon's answer to Google AdSense. According to Amazon:

Omakase links uniquely combine information on each site visitor's taste, the site's content, and historical trends to dynamically generate relevant ads that Amazon serves to your site. With simple, yet powerful, customization options, Omakase lets you automatically provide personalized product ads to your site visitors that complement your site design. Omakase - Leave it up to us!

We've had great success with Omakase on our sites and suggest you at least take it for a test drive. Honestly, it takes a day or so before Amazon Omakase suggestions start targeting at their peak, but it's worth the wait. To the right is an example of the plugin in action.

This plugin makes inserting Omakase ads into Joomla content simple. After installing and enabling this plugin, just enter your Amazon Associate's ID, default size, colors and basic settings then toss in a {bwomakase} in your content and voila! If you decide to change your template or create a new Amazon tracking ID, make the change once in your Plugin Editor, clear your cache and they'll be applied across your site.


The code this plugin inserts mirrors that generated on the Amazon Associate site. We've streamlined the code slightly by:

  • Removing extra whitespace
  • Optionally wrapping the code in a <div> container, and
  • Added optional css class parameters (to allow you to apply css styling to the ad like float, text-align, margin or border).

In addition, this first release of the Amazon Omakase Plugin provides the following features:

  • XHTML Transitional 1.0 compliant
  • Supports customization for all Amazon Omakase BASIC and ADVANCED configuration options
  • All parameters apply globally across the site
  • All parameters can be overridden with plugin parameters

Regardless of the defaults you set, you can change any or all of them when you enter the plugin code within your content. Using {bwomakase} will insert the Omakase Ad code using the defaults you set on the Plugin Editor screen.

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