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Easily track your affiliate commissions back to their source!

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Setup & Configuration

This is an easy one to set up and use! Here's how to get things rolling with the Affiliate Trackback Plugin:


  • Purchase and Download the Affiliate Trackback Plugin
  • Administrator - Log on as Administrator to the back end of your site
  • Extension Manager - Go to Joomla's Extension Manager [see image]
  • Upload Package File - In Joomla's Extension Manager, click Choose file and browse for the Affiliate Trackback package file you received after purchase, then click the Upload & Install button [see image]


  • Plugin Manager - (from the Admin Toolbar: Extensions - Plugin Manager) [see image]
  • Filter: Affiliate and click Search [see image]
  • Click the title, System-Affiliate Trackback [see image]
  • Select the affiliate network(s) — that you're using. By default, none of the networks are enabled. Enable each of the networks you're using on your site. Disable any that you're not using to save your visitors a few milliseconds performance. If you're going to disable all networks, you'd be better off disabling the plugin entirely.
  • Add Your CJ Publisher ID — If you've enabled Commission Junction Links, then the plugin needs to know your CJ Publisher ID (PID). It looks for your pid to find your CJ links, so without it your links will not change. Get your PID from the CJ Account Manager, Website Settings Tab. If you have multiple websites configured in CJ, make sure to select the site on which you're installing this plugin! This plugin currently supports only one PID per site. If you have some CJ links that you don't want a sid value added, you can create and use a second pid or manually add a sid value to those links (this plugin ignores links with existing sid values). The plugin will only add the sid to the CJ publisher ID listed here. Need this plugin to support multiple PIDs on a single site? Send us a note and we'll put it on our list. [see image]
  • Add your CJ PID in the Plugin Parameters box on the right.
  • Select the SID Value(s) you'd prefer to use. This release supports multiple SID values including:
    • User ID - The ID column in the Joomla User Manager
    • Username - The Username from the Joomla User Manager
    • Real Name - The Name field from the Joomla User Manager
    • Language - The page's language (e.g., en_GB)
    • Referring Site - Where this visitor came from (e.g.,
    • Title - The article title from the Joomla Article Manager
    • Custom Value - Here's where you can create your own custom value. Type in something you'd like to appear, (e.g., your site's name) and the plugin will add that value to every CJ and/or GAN link on your site. If you want the custom value to include some of the dynamic information, add one or more of the following tags in your Custom Value box:
      • %I — User's ID
      • %U — Username
      • %N — User's Real Name
      • %L — Language code
      • %T — Page Title
      • %R — Referring Site

    Here are a few examples:

    • %T - %L — would send the Page Title - Language. That may look like "Home Page - en-gb".
    • Came from %R — sends the words "Came from" followed by the referring site. "Came from".
    • %I (%U) — sends the UserID and the Username in parenthesis. "42 (administrator)".

    Google limits you to 256 characters, and Commission Junction supports a maximum of only 64 characters. This plugin will delete any characters beyond that. The Page Title and Referring Site variables have the biggest impact on length, as they can be much longer than other options.

    • Set the Access Level - You may wish to have this enabled for all visitors (Public), if so, please be aware that Username, Real Name and User ID will all appear on your affiliate reports as 'guest' for any visitor who is not logged on. If you would rather not include a value for guest visitors, set the access level above public.

      Plugin Edit Mode
    • Enable the Plugin

      Plugin Edit Mode

    For testing purposes, we suggest that you set the Access level for yourself only (e.g., Super Administrator), then log on to your site and browse to pages with Affiliate links, inspect and click the links to make sure they're working and include the value.


    Here are solutions to some of the most common issues users have had.

    • It's not working at all — make sure you've enabled the plugin and enabled at least one network. It's not going to add anything if the feature is disabled.
    • Other networks work, but CJ links don't — Make sure you've added the correct CJ Publisher ID in the plugin configuration. Leave it blank, or put the wrong number in there and the plugin won't find the links.
    • Some links aren't getting the value added — There are two possible issues: (1) do you already have a value on those links? The plugin ignores links which have a value manually added. Remove the existing sid, mid, or other value from the link and that should be solved. (2) The Publisher ID for CJ links only. The Publisher ID (PID) you used in the plugin configuration must match the PID in the CJ link. Some Publishers have multiple Publisher ID (usually for different websites). If you've used a different PID, the plugin won't find the link. To solve this, grab a new link from CJ (making sure you've selected the right pid), or manually edit the link, changing the pid.
    • Google Analytics Event Tracking isn't working — This plugin only support the newer Google Analytics Async code. If you're using an older version of Google Analytics you'll need to upgrade your code for this plugin to send Event Tracking information.
    • I'm getting an error message — You may have something in your site's configuration which conflicts with the plugin. You should e-mail us right away, and we'll help you resolve this. Go into the plugin manager and move the priority up or down to see if that resolves it. Sometime running this plugin before or after the conflicting plugin can solve the issue.
    • I'm still having an issueEmail us right away and we'll help you fix this. If you've found a bug and we can recreate it in our lab, we can usually get you an updated plugin within 48 business hours.

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