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Easily track your affiliate commissions back to their source!

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NEW! Now integrated with Google Analytics Event Tracking (Async only)

Why Use Affiliate Trackback?

Want to reward your users for the affiliate purchases they made? Wish you knew which ads convert best on a page-by-page basis? Which traffic sources are bringing you the most valuable traffic; those who convert? These are just a handful of uses for this powerful plugin.

This Joomla! extension adds valuable information to your affiliate transaction reports. Use this plugin and you'll find out which Joomla! user made that purchase? How the converting visitor found your site (e.g., Google). Which page they were on when they clicked the ad. And more! Without the plugin you'll learn how much you earned, which advertisers and links convert best. But that's where the info stops and leaves you wondering why you're not using the Affiliate Trackback plugin.

Screen Shots

Here is a screenshot of the Affiliate Trackback Plugin:

Affiliate Trackback Plugin :: Plugin Configuration Screen

Affiliate Trackback
Plugin Configuration Screen



The Affiliate Trackback Plugin includes the following features:

  • Supports Most Affiliate Networks - This plugin will work with the Commission Junction (CJ), Google Affiliate Network (GAN), Linkshare, ClickBank and ShareASale Affiliate Networks.
  • Google Analytics Integration - The plugin will add Google Analytics Event Tracking code to every supported affiliate link on your site. Check out your Google Analytics - Content - Events report and see which affiliate network, which affiliate url and the value of your choice (e.g., User ID or Page Title).
  • Fully Automated - Set it up and go. There's no need to modify your content at all. This plugin will catch every supported affiliate link on your site and make sure the info you want goes to your Affiliate network and Google Analytics.
  • Customize the Info You Want - Send User ID, Username, Real Name, Page Title, Language, Referring site, a combination of these or your own custom value.
  • Meets Affiliate Network Requirements - Each affiliate network allows different lengths and characters for this data. For example, CJ won't accept a question mark, but Google Affiliate Network will. This plugin filters the information and sends only what the Affiliate Network allows.
  • Simple Setup — Install, select the affiliate networks you use, enable and the information will start flowing. Optionally you can enable Google Analytics support.


Easily take control of your affiliate conversions with the Pearl Group's Affiliate Trackback Plugin for Joomla! Our plugin will add the userid, username, user's real name, page title, language, referring site or even your own custom value to affiliate links throughout your site. Your affiliate reports will show this info on every transaction.

How Does this Work?

These affiliate networks all allow you to send information along with the click. On Google it's the Member ID (mid), on Commission Junction (CJ) it's the Shopper ID (sid), ShareASale supports the afftrack value, Clickbank uses the Transaction ID (tid) and Linkshare offers it's u1 value. Whatever you call it, your Joomla site will send the right information to the affiliate network. The intent is to allow publishers to record which registered user made a purchase, then reward that shopper accordingly. CJ's Smart Reward FAQ for publishers has this to say:

Track the transactions of your site visitors easily with Commission Junction's SmartRewards. SmartRewards is advanced tracking technology that gives you, the publisher, the ability to quickly establish programs that reward your visitors by providing them loyalty points and other reward incentives.

Here's how it works. SmartRewards provides you the capability to create a unique record by assigning a SID (Shopper ID) to each registered visitor of your site. You dynamically place the SID into your pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale advertiser link. Then, as the visitor takes action on the link's resulting site, the SID information is tracked with their transaction in real-time. SmartRewards allows you to then aggregate the individual tracking data to analyze the source of your transactions.

Differences Between Affiliate Trackback and CJ SID Plugins


In a nutshell, the CJ SID Plugin is very limited - It only works with Commission Junction, does not allow Referring Site or Custom Values and isn't integrated with Google Analyitics. The Affiliate Trackback plugin gives you all the features we've got.

Quick comparison table:

Feature \ Version
CJ SID Plugin
Affiliate Trackback
Google Analytics Integration
Google Affiliate Network
Commission Junction
UserID, Username, Real Name & Page Title
Referring Site & Language Values
Custom Value
Easy to follow online documentation
Direct E-mail & Forum
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Affiliate Trackback

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